Why do some athletes self-destruct?

Getting arrested for DWI and drugs. Infidelity and domestic violence destroying families. Bad personal choices leading to financial ruin. Career ending mistakes.

Will you let us help you eliminate risky choices?

Start with the Integrity Risk Assessment™ – Click HereHow Does it Work?

Free Solutions

Integrity Risk Assessment™

A private and confidential questionnaire to evaluate the risk level of your personal choices. Based on your risk score (low, medium, high, extreme), we create a Personal Integrity Plan of Action™ to help eliminate the risks identified by the assessment. For more information on the risk assessment, click here.

Life Shield

If you get a ‘High’ or ‘Extreme’ score on your Integrity Risk Assessment™, we can help you find a Life Shield to protect you from the risks identified by the assessment.  

Integrity Coach

If you get a ‘Low’ or ‘Medium’ score from our Integrity Risk Assessment™, we can help you find an Integrity Coach to work with you on the areas of your life that the risk assessment identified as needing improvement. 

Addiction Recovery

If your Integrity Risk Assessment™ reveals a harmful addiction, we can help you find a licensed professional to help you make the needed changes to eliminate this risk.

High School & College Athletes hoping to go Pro – Are you making good personal choices? Prepare to be a Pro – take the Integrity Risk Assessment™.

I hope all athletes and inspiring athletes watched the 30 for 30#Broke…don’t just say it can’t happen to you. Do something about it. @DwyaneWade

Benefits we desire for you!

Endorsement Deals

Endorsers like athletes they can depend on. A trustworthy and honorable “You” equals more endorsement potentials.

Better Contract Deals

Your professional talents and hard work got you a contract. “You” as a person with strong integrity and character get you a better contract. We help build “You”.

Self Branding

Every choice and action you take will determine your brand as a professional. We are here to help you discern the best choices.

Improved Team Player

A season can be stressful and all it takes is one choice for you to make or break a team. We help you become a valuable teammate at all times.

Strong Family Relations

With all the temptations you face as a professional athlete, we help you discern the right choices when needed most, keeping your family foundation strong.

Life after the League

Your time as a professional athlete will come and go. You have earned a great life. A stronger “You” makes sure it will be even better in the years to come!

You need a fresh set of eyes with no strings attached, no money required or asked of you, to look at your life, identify the risks of your personal choices, and give you a free Personal Integrity Plan of Action™ to help you choose to keep what you have earned.”

– Mark E. Randall, visionary for the volunteers known as ‘Integrity Shield’ – has over 25 years of non-profit experience serving people without charging fees!

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