About Us/ You earned it. We believe you should keep it.

What We Do?
We, a group of volunteers known as ‘Integrity Shield’, help you, the professional athlete, identify the tremendous temptations and risky personal choices that come with your fame and fortune. We focus on your character and integrity to help protect you from common pitfalls that destroy you, your family, wipe you out financially, put your team’s franchise at risk, embarrass the companies that you endorse, and put your future life after the league in serious risk. We help you find solutions to eliminate your Integrity risks.
How we help?
We administer a Free Risk Assessment Questionnaire (50 quick yes/no questions) to identify the risk level of your personal choices that you make each day. Based on the risk score (low, medium, high, or extreme), we create a Personal Integrity Plan of Action™ that you can choose to use to help eliminate these risks.
Why use Integrity Shield?
We believe becoming a professional in sports today is a remarkable accomplishment. It takes over a decade to build your athletic resume, and competition is beyond fierce. If injured, the ‘next man up’ steps in, sometimes indefinitely; but injuries are not the only thing that can wreck a career. Driving under the Influence of alcohol, domestic violence, and infidelity are but a few of many common, potentially career ending mistakes. Any one of these can cause you to lose everything for which you have worked so hard.

The industry has changed; players have become their own brands. Having a great reputation for life after the league is more crucial than ever. It is no wonder that multi-million dollar losses can be directly attributed to the poor choices of top paid athletes. We see a need in professional sports for integrity and accountability. To shield you, your family, your finances, and your future – we are your ‘Integrity Shield’!

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You earned it. We believe you should keep it.

Volunteer Advisory Board:

Marvin Burton Cornish Jr. Advisor

Marvin Burton Cornish Jr.

CEO of the Cornish Group, LLC. lending his expertise in Character Enhancement, Public Speaking, and Life Skills Coaching.

  • Leadership
  • Public Relations
  • Coaching
Mark E. Randall Visionary

Mark E. Randall

Northeast Region Director Athletes In Action: Believes there is a better way of helping professional athletes make good choices - to help shield them, their team, their families, their finances, and their future.

  • Futuristic
  • Innovation
  • Networking
Dr. Dave White Advisor

Dr. Dave White

Executive Coach specializing in one-on-one mentoring, encouragement, and accountability to help go-getters to better achieve their personal and professional goals with rhythm, excellence, and success.

  • Communicator
  • Consultant
  • Counselor
  • Coach
Jim Keller Advisor

Jim Keller

Founder of Charis Counseling Center. Nationally known speaker and author. Specializes in marriage, family therapy, and a wide spectrum of individual counseling.

  • CAS
  • M.Ed.
  • LMHC
  • MH8431
Lindsay Boccardo Advisor

Lindsay Boccardo

Owner of Lindsay Boccardo Consulting lending her expertise in helping high potential twenty somethings make bold moves in their personal and professional lives.

  • Coaching
  • Public Speaking
  • Leadership Training
Darius Melvin Advisor

Darius Melvin

Lending his insights and experiences to help mold and shape the solutions we offer professional athletes.

  • Communications
  • Leadership
  • Service
Dave Bast Advisor

Dave Bast

Federal Special Agent, State Trooper and Protective Service Operations Instructor with 30 years of law enforcement experience. Protects high profile individuals.

  • Counterintelligence
  • Personal Training
  • Leadership
Alvin Jackson Advisor

Alvin Jackson

Lending his expertise in branding and design.

  • Branding
  • Design
  • Web Development
Jack Staversky Advisory Board Leader

Jack Staversky

US Army Veteran, decades of corporate leadership, Tae Kwon Do instructor, Certified Personal Trainer lending his vast experiences and skills to lead Integrity Shield.

  • Leadership
  • 3rd Degree Black Belt
  • Coaching
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